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Workshop : Ghatasth Yoga

This Ghatasth Yoga workshop is specially designed for yoga teachers and practitioners with some understanding of yoga and its root principals, but who don't know about sacred & secret tradition of Ghatasth yoga from Himalayan range of north India and who want to learn advanced techniques to make their practice and teaching more effective.

About Teacher :-

Yoga training will be given by internationally renowned indian yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya. Also known as Abhyaas Anand and Suneel; he is author, researcher, artist, creator and master in the field of yoga. Founder director of Abs Yoga International - an Indian based international yoga academy, Sunil Dahiya is one of the rarest yoga teacher certified and approved to teach 6 levels of yoga teacher training courses in India.

In short Sunil Dahiya is :-

  • 'Indian Yoga King' award certificate to yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya

    'Bharat Yoga Samrat' (Indian Yoga King)

    'Bharat Yoga Samrat' award was jointly awarded to him by 'Indian Yoga Federation' and 'Patanjali Yoga Peeth' in year 2000 during 'All India Yoga Championship' where, like every year, he won gold medal again.
  • Sunil Dahiya in WHO pic

    Yoga Expert From WHO

    While serving as Yoga Therapist at National Institute of Yoga, Sunil Dahiya also represented 'Ministry of Health , Government of India' in 56th 'World Health Assembly' in Geneva, Switzerland in Year 2007.
  • 'Champion of Champions' award certificate to yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya

    'Champion of Champions' (Champion of Meet)

    'Champion of Meet' (formerly known as 'Champion of Champions') award was awarded to him by Government of Pondicherry, India in year 2007 during 13 International Yoga Festival, where he also won gold medal in international yoga championship.
  • 'University Color' award certificate to Sunil Dahiya

    'University Color Award'

    'University Color Award' was awarded to him 'twice' by University of Delhi in academic year 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. Representing 'University of Delhi' twice he won 'All India Inter-University Yoga Championships' in 'Individual' category. No wonder, he was caption of yoga team of 'University of Delhi' for four years and won four Gold Medals in 'Inter College Yoga Championships' during same period.
  • 'Indian yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya' award certificate to yoga master trainer Sunil Dahiya

    Rare Teacher

    Sunil Dahiya is one of few rarest yoga teachers certified to teach 6 levels of yoga teacher training courses by 'Indian Yoga Academy' as well as 'Foundationa for Ancient Culture & Education'.
  • yoga competition medals of Sunil Dahiya

    Gold Medalist

    Being a national champion of India (in yoga) for over a dacade, Sunil Dahiya has won dozens of 'Gold Medals' in 'International' as well as 'all Indian yoga championships'.
  • Experienced

    Sunil Dahiya is practicing yoga since 28 years (1985), teaching internationally since 17 years (1996) and training 'yoga masters' and 'yoga teachers' since 8 years (2005).

About Ghatasth Yoga :-

After more than 30 years of intensive research in entire India about different traditions of yoga and sources of their pure teaching, Indian Yoga King - Sunil Dahiya, brought out less known and sacrad tradition of 'Ghatasth Yoga' from Himalayan range in northern India.

Abs Ghatasth Yoga is a unique system of exercise for involuntary muscles and vital organs to boost internal strength and control. It is Yoga method to develop extreme flexibility!

Thousands years old Ghatasth Yoga scripture in Sanskrit reveals the un-explained aspect of yoga about which there is only hint in Ashtanga yoga and Hatha Yoga being it asana, pranayama, shatkarma, mudras, naada or meditation.

It is a complete package of required exercises for body, mind & soul. ABS Ghatasth Yoga develops internal strength and enhances the stamina. It is specially recommended as therapy for weight loss, back pain, cervical spondylitis (Inflammation of one or more vertebrae) slip disc.

As per scripture, 'Ghat' means 'Body'. The yoga practiced by all three bodies (Physical, Energy & Desire) to develop control over all three bodies is call 'Ghatasth Yoga'. Human's 'Physical Body' (Sthool Sharir) is maintained & govern by its 'Energy Body' (Sukshma Sharir) and Energy body is created & maintained by 'Desire Body' (Karan Sharir). Therefor healing systems like Ghatasth Yoga, which works on all three bodies do miraculously faster healing and strengthening.

Come join, if you wish to enhance your lifestyle to its full potential or to become a yoga teachers or looking for ways to become yogi.

Abs Ghatasth Yoga helps to relieve tiredness, fatigue and ill health. It is ideal for new comers to yoga simultaneously it makes the advance practitioner to stretch up to their maximum level.

Benefits of Ghatasth Yoga Workshop:

After completion of workshop you will get:

  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Self Retreat Rejuvenation

    You will feel blessed to attend it ! And will feel strenght becoming many times more, refresh, energised and self-retreat.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Improved Life

    Get rid of pain, tiredness and become strong, flexible and slim by implementing little practice in your daily schedule.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Joy of Life & Beyond

    Forget about bad-mood. For Ghatasth yoga practitioners, 'Depression' can't exist irrespective of situation ! Feel the Joy of Life & Beyond.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Learn Special Techniques

    Learn special techniques for developing flexibility, internal strength and involuntary control.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Sacred Elements

    Learn Sacred elements of Advanced Yogic Suksham Vyayam, Yogasadhan Kriya and mudras.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Improved Teaching

    It will improve your teaching and boost your respect among your students with a true practice.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Improve Self Practice

    You will get much improvement in self practice with special techniques and motivation.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus

    Open next step entry after Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga

    Authentic practice of Ghatasth Yoga in traditional way opens the next step entry door after Hatha yoga & Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Abs Yoga Lotus


    This Workshop is recognised by Indian Yoga Academy and Foundation for Ancient Culture & Education - India. After completion, 'Credit 5P' # certificate will be issued by Abs Yoga International - An India based International Academy of Yoga.

# - Transferable Credits : The training program is recognised and approved by 'Indian Yoga Academy' and 'Foundation for Ancient Culture and Education - India'. These credit can be transferred to give an advantage while completing 'other higher courses of yoga' (yoga TTC, Yoga Therapy TTC etc) .

"If you really want to understand, practice and feel your+self" -Sunil Dahiya    :)

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